Bank Australia

Bank Australia, Australia’s first customer-owned bank, is known domestically and internationally for its responsible approach to banking. 

The bank, which is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, has been operating since 1957 in Australia. The bank has approximately 127,000 customers, $4 billion in assets, and 360 employees working through a network of 25 branches, a national call centre and a range of online banking services.  

The bank designs products and services that support customers to achieve their financial goals while helping them to take steps to live more sustainably.  The bank also invests customers’ money in responsible ways for their benefit and that of the community and the environment. 

The bank’s overarching purpose is to create mutual prosperity for the bank’s customers in the form of positive economic, personal, social, environmental and cultural outcomes.

The bank achieves this by:

  • staying true to its customer owned model, which allows it to put profits back into providing competitive  rates and fees and to act in the long term best interests of customers;
  • investing 4% of profits through the Bank Australia Impact Fund, which allows the bank to support projects that have meaningful positive social, environmental, economic and culture impacts;
  • staying carbon neutral and contributing to a healthier planet through investments such as the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve; and
    creating and keeping jobs in Australia, such as the call centre and lending centre which are based in regional Victoria.


These are the products from this organisation that have been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)

Bank Australia Basic Home Loan

Bank Australia Bridging Loan

Bank Australia Line of Credit

Bank Australia Premium Home Loan

Bank Australia Premium Package Loan

Bank Australia Term Deposit

Basic Account

Bonus Saver

Christmas Saver

Commercial Access

Commercial Saver

Community Access

Everyday Access

Everyday Access (additional)

Online Saver

Pension Access


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