Pendal Group

Pendal Group seeks to deliver consistently superior performance by exploiting investment opportunities that arise due to the inefficient market pricing of securities. This reflects our belief that security prices will revert to their intrinsic valuation through the course of the investment cycle. Our goal is to invest in sound businesses that are generating strong cashflow, but are currently valued incorrectly by the market. Such opportunities present themselves when sentiment leads the market to over-react to transitory information. The key to successful investing is to distinguish between attractive businesses facing short-term issues and inferior companies suffering structural problems. Insightful proprietary research enables us to identify such opportunities. Sophisticated risk analysis ensures our portfolios are focused on capturing and extracting value through stock specific risk. The underlying philosophy behind choosing sustainability or ethical screens is that there is a strong link between good sustainability performance and corporate profitability. Also, in terms of environmental screening, a growing body of research suggests that superior environmental management usually correlates with high standards of corporate management.

These are the products from this organisation that have been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)

Pendal Global Select Fund

Pendal Horizon Fund (formerly Ethical Share Fund)

Pendal Multi-Asset Target Return Fund

Pendal Sustainable Australian Fixed Interest Fund

Pendal Sustainable Australian Share Fund

Pendal Sustainable Balanced Fund

Pendal Sustainable Conservative Fund

Pendal Sustainable Future Australian Share Portfolio

Pendal Sustainable International Fixed Interest Fund

Pendal Sustainable International Share Fund

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