Investa Commercial Property Fund

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Investa Commercial Property Fund






Fund or Trust


Wholesale, Institutional

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Asset Classes

Direct property



Investment Approaches

Sustainability themed, ESG Integration

It Includes:

  • Riaa icons 32 Green property

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    It fully excludes:


      Investa is committed to conduct throughout the organisation that is ethical, legal, and professional. Investa is further committed to the principles of sustainability encompassing environmental, social and economic, dimensions. At Investa, we strive to conduct our business in line with the following principles. > Provide a superior return on investment to our shareholders and unitholders without sacrificing the environment or the highest standards of conduct; > Treat corporate loans as if they were personal obligations; pay back our debts in a timely manner; > Offer clients investment funds which are overseen by an independent Board and where conflicts of interest, if they occur, are appropriately managed; > Provide quality workplaces and a professional environment for our employees; > Support and nurture our staff to permit them to fulfil their potential; > Protect and enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, clients and associates; > Minimize resource use, pollution and waste; > Conserve biodiversity and enhance ecological outcomes. Investa’s policy is to integrate sustainability practices in a manner which is specific, accountable and enduring as part of our business platform. To support the goal of enhancing enterprise value, our approach is to: > Identify and manage risk and control unnecessary costs; > Identify changes in the business environment and adjust to position ourselves to survive economic declines and prosper in periods of growth; > Foster a culture of innovation; > Build employee motivation and capacity and evaluate and reward employees using a merit based system; > Exercise company and industry leadership; and > Report regularly on our sustainability performance


      Investa works to improve the quality of the investment portfolio, only acquiring or redeveloping assets after careful consideration.

      In selecting properties, our investment and risk guidelines include:

      • Benchmarking the baseline environmental performance of the asset against the market using established ratings such as the National Australian Built Environment Rating Scheme (NABERS), the Green Building Council of Australia's Green Star Certification Scheme and the International Well Building Institute's WELL Rating System;
      • Identifying and quantifying opportunities to enhance environmental and social performance;
      • Calculating the cost-benefit of enhancements, including the potential for repositioning the asset to appeal to a different category of tenants; and
      • Determining the net value that enhancements could add to the underlying asset to inform the bid price calculation.
      As a rule, all enhancements capable of producing a risk-adjusted return on investment that is marginally higher than the underlying asset’s yield are considered and budgeted for. Their risk-adjusted contribution to net operating income is taken into account when undertaking due diligence for acquisitions. Property investment opportunities are disregarded where it is determined that they cannot be brought to portfolio-average environmental and social performance through application of Investa management expertise and appropriate capital investment. However, below portfolio-average properties are considered for acquisition where opportunities to enhance performance to at least portfolio-average standard are identified.

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