Pengana High Conviction Equities Fund

Product Name

Pengana High Conviction Equities Fund


Pengana Capital




Fund or Trust


Retail, Wholesale

Certified Since


Asset Classes

International equities


New Zealand, Australia

Investment Approaches

Negative Screening, ESG Integration

It Includes:

  • No inclusions5 No specific themes

It has some level of screening for:

  • Riaa icons 33 Fossil fuels

It fully excludes:

  • Riaa icons 56 Animal cruelty
  • Riaa icons 36 Armaments
  • Riaa icons 42 Gambling
  • Riaa icons 52 Human rights abuses
  • Riaa icons 38 Labour rights violations
  • Riaa icons 34 Logging
  • Riaa icons 50 Nuclear power
  • Riaa icons 35 Tobacco


The objective of the High Conviction Equities Fund (HCF) is to achieve capital growth over the long term by investing in an ethically screened portfolio of Australian and international equities. The HCF is managed by Pengana Capital Group using a 'value' investment style based on fundamental analysis of individual companies. It primarily invests in, but is not limited to, companies listed on the Australian and international stock exchanges, although it can hold up to 100% cash. It's portfolio is highly concentrated with typically no more than 20 stocks. A majority of the portfolio may be made up of small, illiquid companies that may result in the loss of some or all of the capital invested. A single stock could make up the majority of the portfolio.


Pengana is committed to the concept of responsible investing and seeks to avoid investing in businesses that are, in its opinion, involved in activities that may be harmful to people, animals or the environment.

The High Conviction Equities Fund (HCF) utilises a negative screening process which seeks to avoid investment in companies that derive operating revenues from direct and material business involvement in: the manufacture or sale of weapons and weapons components, tobacco manufacture, gambling outlets or systems, intensive animal farming, animal testing for cosmetics, activities that give rise to human rights violations, unremediated destruction of the environment, uranium mining and nuclear reactors and fossil fuel exploration, production, refining, storage and transportation.

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