First Sentier Investors

First Sentier Investors, formerly known as Colonial First State Global Asset Management (known as First State Investments outside of Australia), has A$222.7 billion (as at 30 June 2019) in assets under management on behalf of institutional investors, pension funds, wholesale distributors, investment platforms, financial advisers and their clients worldwide.

We employ 17 investment teams across a range of asset classes. Each are specialists in their respective fields and set their own investment philosophies and processes. Our commitment to RI and stewardship is a common thread which runs through these diverse investment capabilities. In particular, all teams believe that ESG issues impact investment value and that as a leading global institutional investor we can achieve better long-term investment outcomes through active engagement and by exercising the equity ownership rights we hold on behalf of our clients. 

Each investment team’s approach to incorporating these factors into their investment process has evolved over time. We believe the diverse approaches of our individual investment teams are a key strength of our collective business, as they allow us to share ideas, develop our knowledge and learn from each other’s successes. The governance of RI and the systems for cross-team information sharing and collaboration are critical and a significant strength in this regard.

These are the products from this organisation that have been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)

First Sentier Global Credit Fund

First Sentier Global Property Securities Fund

First Sentier Global Property Securities Fund - Hedged Class

First Sentier Multi-Asset Real Return Fund

First Sentier Responsible Listed Infrastructure Fund

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