Future Super

Future Super is a superannuation fund founded with the mission to create a future free from climate change and inequality. We use the investment power of Australian superannuation - through a process of divestment, reinvesting for impact, campaigning and advocacy - as a lever to create change and impact on issues of climate and inequality.
Future Super’s purpose sits at the core of all business activities. Our stringent screening process preferences investments that perform while championing environmental or social leadership, and excludes business that isn’t built to last. On behalf of our members, we advocate for change that benefits people and business long-term. And our campaigns shift narratives and share actions that provide an avenue to creating a better future. 
Our members are largely values aligned because our intent on achieving our vision is clear in our actions. People choose Future Super so the power of their money will have an impact on climate change and other issues that affect their future.
Our business operates nationally, with members all throughout Australia. 

These are the products from this organisation that have been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)

Future Super Balanced Growth Pension

Future Super Balanced Index

Future Super Renewables Plus Growth

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