Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital Group (ASX: PCG, "Pengana") specialises in distinct active investment strategies that aim to deliver superior long-term risk adjusted returns to investors, with a focus on capital preservation.

We were founded on the premise that alignment between a fund manager and its investors is crucial. Our business and our funds are structured and managed within this framework.

Pengana offers investors access to some of the world’s best investment managers, all under one roof.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, Pengana currently manages over AUD$4 billion across a range of international and Australian strategies.

We hunt for the world’s leading investment teams in order to bring our investors unique, differentiated, and smart investment products.

Our unique business model also delivers centralised support from our corporate team, so our fund managers can focus on what they do best – managing portfolios.

Pengana’s premium investment products employ active strategies with non-benchmark mandates, giving our investment teams the freedom to invest in their best ideas.

With independent investment teams in Chicago, Connecticut, New Jersey, United Kingdom, Israel, Melbourne, and Sydney, our range of independently managed investment strategies provides a well-blended and uncorrelated level of diversification.

Each strategy is run by a separate investment team with unique skills relevant to their investment class. Our focus and track record is to provide investors with long-term returns, adjusted for risk minimisation.

For investors seeking an investment that suits their ethical viewpoint as well as their financial goals, Pengana also offers a range of products that allow investors to align their portfolios with their principles without compromising their investment returns.

Our negatively screened International Funds and LIC (ASX: PIA) exclude companies that cause harm to people, animals, or the environment from their investment universe. These include sectors such as weapons manufacturing, tobacco, gambling, uranium mining, and fossil fuel exploration and production.

We offer a Sustainable Impact Fund, managed by WHEB Asset Management out of the UK. WHEB is a highly experienced and respected sustainable investment manager, and this Fund only invests in companies that create a positive social or environmental impact or produce goods and services to address the challenges of sustainability.

Our range of funds also includes Australia’s only high conviction AREIT fund with an ESG focus. The Pengana High Conviction Property Securities Fund believes that responsible investing is important to generate long-term sustainable returns. Incorporating ESG factors alongside financial measures provides a complete view of the risk/return characteristics of our property investments.

Pengana is committed to best practices in ethical and sustainable impact investing. We are a member of the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA), a signatory to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), source ESG company research from a specialist provider, and the various ESG frameworks utilised by our strategies are subject to review by a number of independent organisations.

We are also committed to sound corporate governance, lodging proxy votes on behalf of investors and engaging with companies on issues such as board composition, remuneration, corporate accountability and shareholder rights.

These are the products from this organisation that have been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)

Pengana Axiom International Ethical Fund

Pengana Axiom International Ethical Fund (Hedged)

Pengana High Conviction Equities Fund

Pengana International Equities Limited (ASX: PIA)

Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund

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