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About Teachers Mutual Bank Limited 

We are a values based bank where profit has a purpose.

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (the ‘bank’)  is one of Australia’s largest mutual banks, comprising four brands: the original Teachers Mutual Bank, UniBank, Firefighters Mutual Bank and Health Professionals Bank . We have over 200,000 members and more than $7.5 billion in assets.

A socially responsible and service culture has been integral to the Bank’s operations since our founding in 1966. For over 50 years, doing business ethically and sustainably has driven our model of mutual banking. 

We recognise that our success is not only measured in terms of profits and growth, it is also how we engage with and support our members, communities, employees, and how we minimise our impact on the environment.
  • We recognise the impact our business has on the economy and communities in which we operate, so we are responsible in the way we invest and lend. Ethical issues are embedded in our lending and investment practices.
  • We put ethical practices at the forefront of our business, and integrate it throughout our operations, systems and relationships.
  • We reinvest profit so that it is returned to serve members and the community, create better products and services and invest in social, and environmental programmes 
  • We strive for excellence and international leadership in our ethical business practices.

Operating ethically and profitably are two side of the same coin, and that’s been our currency since inception.



These are the products from this organisation that have been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited $500m Debt Issuance Programme – Information Memorandum dated 26 November 2018

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited $500m Debt Issuance Programme - Information Memorandum dated 29 September 2014

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