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ESG Integration, Negative Screening

It Includes:

  • Riaa icons 10 Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Tree green background Sustainable land and agricultural management
  • Riaa icons 31 Sustainable water

It has some level of screening for:

  • Riaa icons 33 Fossil fuels
  • Riaa icons 50 Nuclear power

It fully excludes:

  • Riaa icons 41 Alcohol
  • Riaa icons 56 Animal cruelty
  • Riaa icons 36 Armaments
  • Riaa icons 42 Gambling
  • Riaa icons 45 Genetic engineering
  • Riaa icons 52 Human rights abuses
  • Riaa icons 38 Labour rights violations
  • Riaa icons 99 Pornography
  • Riaa icons 35 Tobacco


Ethical decisions are at the heart of our investment policy. We take our commitments to the UNPRI and the Sustainable Development Goals to which that relates seriously. We have three pillars in what we do: 1. Exclude companies or industries that are inconsistent with our values 2. Invest in companies with high ESG standards, and those companies that are likely to profit from the transition to a low carbon economy 3. Engage, lobby and educate companies and investors to do better


Our Funds have an ethical focus. 
By way of a quick overview, key aspects of this include: 
1. We focus our investment into companies that rate higher on environmental, social and governance criteria. Our view is that companies that, for example, promote fair and safe working conditions, or that have robust environmental policies and practices, make better long-term investments, as well as being better for our planet and its people. We aspire for our investment decisions to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. They address key global challenges, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. 
2. We analyse a company’s impact from critical issues like its carbon footprint, climate change, human rights record and treatment of animals. We seek to invest in companies that actively manage their carbon intensity. 
3. We exclude corporate activities that don’t meet our ethical criteria. This includes companies focused on gambling, tobacco, cluster munitions, fossil fuels, factory-farming and several other categories (please see for a complete list of exclusions). We also exclude companies that we consider to have unacceptably high levels of risk from their involvement in controversial activities or behaviour. 
4. We vote as a shareholder to encourage positive change. This means we will vote on issues from our environmental, social and governance perspective. With this approach, we will at times vote against the recommendations of a company’s management where their view conflicts with our ethical values.

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