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Indi Tansey

Director, 40 years old
“As someone on the substainability learning curve, I found Responsible Returns really helpful for finding and comparing responsible and ethical super and banking products matching my values and interests.”

Loic Allinson-Dunn

Irrigation Manager, 23 years old
“I found the Responsible Returns website while trying to find a bank that didn't invest in weapons or fossil fuels. Responsible Returns allowed me to easily cut through the marketing to find the right choice.”

Carol Kenchington

Retired Librarian, 76 years old
“As a librarian, I always seek the best information I can find when making important decisions. I found the Responsible Returns website really helpful when I needed to invest some funds. It provided solid organised information with detail which I was not always able to discover on the funds' own websites.”

Michael Furey

Investment Consultant, 50 years old
"My business has incorporated Responsible Returns outputs into many financial advice firms' responsible investment policies. Responsible Returns is a must have solution when searching for investments with specific responsible investment objectives."
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